This is the most popular PSLE bootcamp we've ever run. As a thank you, we've extended our early bird discount to 27 May 🎉

PSLE Power Up Online Bootcamp 2022

Get ready to power up for PSLE with over 40 hours of lessons and 300+ pages of comprehensive PSLE exam materials taught by our highly-experienced Master Teachers!

Bootcamp Highlights

Proven effectiveness
Mind Stretcher has a 20-year track record of helping students reach their full potential at the PSLE. 1 in 6 of the top 3% of the PSLE cohort in 2021 were Mind Stretcher students.
Great teachers
Whether you are struggling or topping your class, our Master Teachers' more than 100 years of combined experience will bring you to the next level.
Incredible value for money
When others are charging thousands, we deliver 40 hours of lessons, 300+ pages of high quality PSLE materials, and excellent teaching at less than $20/hour. What are you waiting for?

What you are paying for

Unbeatable quality at an affordable price

Pay $400 / $500 (MS / Non-MS early bird price) for

  • 7.5 hours (total 30h) of lessons per subject
  • 2 hours of inspiring motivational talks
  • 1.25 hours (total 5h) of parent briefings per subject
  • 3 hours (total 9h) of live webinar practice paper run-throughs and Q&A sessions per subject (excl. Chinese)
PSLE Power Up English
  • A* PSLE Compositions (Themes, Model Compositions & Writing Techniques)
  • Scoring Techniques for Comprehension Cloze
  • Analysis & Answering Techniques for OE Comprehension
  • Tricky Grammar Questions & Commonly Misspelt Words
  • Tackling Synthesis & Transformation
PSLE Power Up Mathematics
  • Targeted revision of challenging topics & concepts for PSLE Maths
  • Essential strategies to solve difficult PSLE Maths questions
  • Different types of PSLE Maths questions and how to present your answers accurately
  • Analysis of common errors made by students & pitfalls to avoid
PSLE Power Up Science
  • Targeted revision of important topics & concepts for PSLE Science
  • Mastering common question structures and frequently tested concepts
  • Identifying keywords and learning effective answering techniques
  • Expert tips for acing the MCQ and open-ended sections of the PSLE Science paper
PSLE Power Up Chinese
  • Effective techniques for tackling the PSLE Chinese Paper
  • Top tips to help students to score in the PSLE Chinese Oral Exam
  • Score-grabbing steps for the PSLE Chinese Comprehension & Composition segments
  • Essential question-analysis skills for tackling tricky PSLE Chinese questions
PSLE Power Up Higher Chinese
  • A* techniques to tackle the PSLE Higher Chinese exam
  • Analysis & idea generation for different types of PSLE Hgher Chinese Situational & Continuous Writing Questions
  • Key exam & editing strategies for tackling the PSLE Higher Chinese Reading Comprehension questions
Bonus Segments
  • 2 hours of "Reach for the Skies" motivational talks
  • 1.25 hours (total 5h) of parent briefings per subject
  • 3 hours (total 9h) of live webinar practice paper run-throughs and Q&A sessions per subject (excl. Chinese)

Complimentary for all bootcamp students (except HCL-only students)!

Bootcamp Details


Non-MS Student
MS Student
Early bird
(till 27 May)
Usual fee
1 subject
2 subjects
3 subjects
4 subjects
Higher Chinese
Subtotal (incl. of GST)
Early bird
(till 27 May)
Usual fee
1 subject
2 subjects
3 subjects
4 subjects
Higher Chinese
Subtotal (incl. of GST)


Run 1
Run 2
2 Jun (Thu)
6 Jun (Mon)
1 Jun (Wed)
7 Jun (Tue)
31 May (Tue)
9 Jun (Thu)
30 May (Mon)
8 Jun (Wed)
Higher Chinese
3 Jun (Fri)
10 Jun (Fri)

Note that students can choose 1 slot per subject from either run.

Bonus Segments

Reach for the skies - Motivational Segment: 10 Jun 2022 (Fri) | 2pm - 4pm

Parent Debriefing: 12 Jun 2022 (Sun)

  • English & Chinese: 10am - 12.30pm
  • Maths & Science: 2.30pm - 5pm

PSLE Practice Papers LIVE Q&A

  • Science: 6 & 13 Jul (Wed) | 7.30pm – 9pm
  • English: 7 & 14 Jul (Thu) | 7.30pm – 9pm
  • Maths: 10 & 17 Jul (Sun) | 10am – 11.30am

Master Teachers

Alvin Kuek
Master Teacher
An engaging and dedicated Master Teacher who is well-loved by students, his effective teaching has helped numerous students over the past 20 years.
Mavis Tan
English Master Teacher
A former Secondary English and Literature Teacher before joining Mind Stretcher, she enjoys teaching students how to write interesting stories and create compelling characters.
Jason Ng
Maths Master Teacher
A former HOD of Mathematics at RGS and an animated Master Teacher, he is highly experienced and effortlessly keeps students engaged.
Hui Sun
Science Master Teacher
Armed with over 15 years of teaching experience, students love her for her comprehensive and effective teaching methodologies.
Liu Lu
Chinese Master Teacher
As our Head of Chinese XHL, she possesses deep knowledge on exam scoring strategies, and keeps students well-engaged.

Hear from our students and parents

"I attended the bootcamp and webinars, they were really useful! From a mere 79 in Science, I improved to 96. I'm confident I will be able to achieve AL1!"
Vasu DharshiniP6 MS Student
"After attending the bootcamp, my English scores actually improved from 57 to 84! Your composition models and practices are so interesting and useful. Thank you!"
AkshitaaP6 MS Student
"I was amazed by how my child was engaged and fully immersed throughout the workshop. She was also greatly inspired by the motivational talk by Mr Kuek."
Alice KohParent of P6 MS Student
"The bootcamp covered detailed analyses of key concepts, common mistakes, and good answering techniques. The “know-how” strategies were elicited throughout the bootcamp. My child benefitted greatly!"
Alice Koh (cont'd)Parent of P6 MS Student
"Mr Kuek is very engaging and goes the extra mile to value add and highlight topics/questions which the students need to pay extra attention on."
Lucas ChuaP6 MS Student
"Thank you for your efforts in teaching and patiently answering the Q&A during the bootcamp! It helped me improve from 65.5 to 81, at least 2 achievement levels, to AL2!"
Desiree YapP6 MS Student


How do teachers control the class and ensure students are engaged?
  • Every year, we have a few thousand students attending our popular bootcamps. Our teachers have years of experience in conducting bootcamps in a physical as well as online settings.
  • We have a panel of teachers for each session. Their engaging teaching style and methodology, coupled with the use of technology (videos, quizzes etc.) helps students to remain focused throughout the sessions.
If my child is unable to attend, will a recording of the session be provided?
  • As there are 2 different runs of Power Up, we strongly encourage you to change to a different Run if the session that you have registered for clashes with your schedule.
  • In the event that your child is unable to attend either run, kindly provide us with the school document after registration and we will assist to provide the recording for you. You may write to us at with your request.
If my child has a question, what can he/she do?
  • During the session, your child can pose the questions in the webinar "Q&A" box or chat and our teachers will reply to him/her. If the question is commonly asked by many students, our teachers will address it 'live'.
  • There will also be intervals throughout the day (depending on time) that students will be asked to raise their hands and ask questions 'live'.
  • At the end of each subject bootcamp, students can also stay around to ask questions.
If my child is Primary 5, can I register him/her?
  • As this is an intensive bootcamp for PSLE, it is not suitable for P5 students.
  • At the P5 level, some of the topics from Maths and Science would not have been covered as well. We recommend you sign your child up for the Bootcamp next year.

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